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NOTE: This technical note is for the A-100NV, variable speed pump, C-1100V, variable speed diaphram pump, and C-1500N, fixed speed diaphram pump.
How to Clean your Variable Speed Pumps and Fittings
Periodically clean the variable speed pump's injection fitting/check valve assembly, especially when injecting fluids that calcify such as sodium hypochlorite.

These lime deposits and other build ups can clog the fitting, which will increase the back pressure and interfere with the variable speed pump accuracy.  Warning: Severe cases can physically damage the injection fitting and the increase back pressure can cause increased wear on the variable speed pump components; gears, bearings and peristaltic pump tubes.
Variable Speed Pump Cleaning
Note: All diagrams are strictly for guideline purposes only.  Always consult an expert before installing the metering pump on specialized systems.  The metering pump should be serviced by qualified persons only.
Please follow these steps when cleaning your variable speed pump injection fitting/check valves.
  1. Wash the variable speed pump, tubing and fittings out with clean water.  To do this, place the "suction tubing" and "discharge tubing" (injection fitting too) in a container full of clean water.
  2. Let the variable speed pump run in the clean water for a couple of minutes to remove all traces of chemical.
  3. Remove the lime deposits with undiluted vinegar.  To do this, place the "suction tubing" and "discharge tubing" in a container full of undiluted vinegar.  See image to the right.
  4. Let the variable speed pump run in the undiluted vinegar for 5 to 10 minutes (longer if needed).
  5. Flush out your variable speed pump, tubing and fittings to remove any excess vinegar.  To do this, repeat steps 1 and 2.
Tip: If you have a variable speed diaphragm pump head that needs cleaning, follow the same steps above.  Refer to the exploded view in your instruction manual when assembling the variable speed pump head.  Tip: Follow the same steps above to clean a foot valve.

Tip: Standard Injection Fittings are made of Polypropylene.  PVDF Injection Fittings are recommended for use with aggressive chemicals which are not compatible with Polypropylene.  PVDF Injection Fittings should be considered for use with chlorine at elevated temperatures.

Tip: It is recommended that you purchase a spare Injection Fitting for your variable speed pump.  This is commonly the most neglected part of most variable speed pump installations.  You can purchase a spare Injection Fitting for around $30 (US).
Variable Speed Pump Injection Fitting
Caution: Always wear protective clothing, face shield, safety glasses and gloves when working on or near your metering pump.  Additional precautions should be taken depending on the solution being pumped.  Refer to MSDS precautions from your solution supplier.

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