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Global Water is a distributor of all Extech Instruments.
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Extech Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of test equipment worldwide.  Founded in 1971, Extech Instruments is known for its innovation in providing instruments with unique combinations of features that make them highly useful and very convenient.  Add in high quality and affordable pricing and it is no wonder the number of people who say "Make mine an Extech" keeps growing.

Extech Instruments Division offers over 14 major product lines that are sold through leading catalog houses and local stocking distributors.  Extech Instruments products are used in a wide variety of markets including laboratory and field water quality monitoring.  Extech Instruments offers handheld dissolved oxygen meters and dissolved oxygen meter kits.  Extech Instruments also offers ORP meters, chlorine meters, fluoride meters, and multiparameter probes.  Extech Instruments produces several versions of wind speed meters including handheld anemometers, portable wind meters, portable psychrometers, digitial psychrometer kits, and paperless humidity/temperature chart recorders.  Please contact Global Water if you cannot find the Extech Instruments you are looking for.

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