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Submersible pressure transducer and USB datalogger combination.
water level recorders,water level dataloggers FEATURES:
  • Four sample modes: 10 times per second, timed, logarithmic, and exception
  • CE Certified
  • User friendly software included
  • USB communication
  • No need to remove sensor for data collection or battery change
  • Highly accurate water level measurements
  • User programmable start and stop alarms, engineering units, and field calibration setup
  • Unique 0-3 ft range for shallow water
  • Wet-wet transducer eliminates vent tube concerns
  • Automatic barometric pressure and temperature compensation
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Water Level Recorders Options & Prices
On this page:

. Water Level Loggers Product Description
. Water Level Recorders Applications
. Water Level Loggers Specifications
. Water Level Loggers Software Information
. Water Level Recorders Installation Overview
. Water Level Recorders Options & Prices

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. Water Level Recorders Quick Sheet
. Water Level Loggers Brochure
. Water Level Recorders Manual*

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Additional Information:

. Water Level Recorders Installation Detail
. Water Level Monitoring and Why You Need Barometric Compensation
. Stream Gauging Instructions For Using Water Level Loggers
. Estimating battery life in a data logger
. Inflow and Infiltration information
. Groundwater monitoring
. Water Level Loggers Product Support including training videos

Water Level Loggers Product Description
Water level logger data shuttle

The WL16, Water Level Logger, now supports USB cable interface for laptop and desktop data downloading.

The WL16, Water Level Logger, is a datalogger and submersible pressure transducer combination designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level or pressure data.  The water level logger can record over 81,000 readings and has four unique recording options, fast (10 samples per second), programmable interval (1 second to multiple years), logarithmic, and exception.  Multiple depth ranges are available from 3 to 500 feet of water level change.  A 25 ft vented cable is standard on all water level loggers, and optional cable lengths are available from the factory up to 2000 ft.

The WL16, Water Level Logger, is housed in a weather-resistant cylindrical enclosure, which slips inside a standard 2-inch PVC pipe.  The Water Level Recorders are easily adapted with standard hardware for wellhead mounting, stream, or other installations.  Two internal 9 VDC Alkaline batteries will typically power each of the Water Level Loggers for approximately one year even if one of the batteries fails.  A third onboard lithium battery ensures your data is safe in the event both 9V batteries fail.  All Water Level Loggers include Windows, allowing easy upload of data to a laptop, or desktop for transfer to spreadsheet programs. 

The WL16, Water Level Logger's vented submersible pressure transducer is fully encapsulated with marinegrade epoxy.  The electronics are encapsulated so that moisture can never leak in through O-ring seals or work its way into the vent tube and cause drift or sensor failure, as is the case with many other vented sensors.  The vent tube is sealed directly to the wet-wet sensing element, and any moisture that may enter the vent tube from the housing will only contact the ceramic parts, not the electronics.  Most federal agencies, universities, and environmental consultants recommend vented water level sensors for the best monitoring results.
Warning: Non-vented water level loggers may have readings with errors of up to 10 inches due to barometric pressure changes.  Global Water's Water Level Loggers use vented cable to prevent this issue from affecting your data.  To learn more about how barometric pressure can affect your data click HERE.
The vented submersible pressure transducer uses a unique silicon diaphragm to interface between your water and the sensing element.  The diaphragm is highly flexible and touches the sensing element, producing a sensor with exceptional linearity and very low hysteresis.  A stainless steel micro-screen cap protects the pressure transducer diaphragm.  The micro-screen cap has hundreds of openings, making fouling the sensor with silt, mud or sludge virtually impossible.

Water Level Loggers Applications
Groundwater Monitoring, stream and river gauging, Lake/Pond Level Analysis, Flood Level Recording, Irrigation Canals, inflow and infiltration studies, Wetland/Estuary Monitoring, Weirs and Flumes, Wave and Tidal Analysis, and MUCH MORE...  NOTE: Polyurethane cable is not recommended for use with hydrocarbons or high concentrations of chlorine.  Please look at the WL450 Water Level Transmitter to meet the requirements of these types of applications.

water level recorder field installation,surface water logger water level logger,ground water installation
Water Level Recorders Specifications
WL16 Water Level Data Loggers
Power:  Two 9VDC Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life:  Up to 1 year (depending on recording intervals)
Resolution:  12 bit
Moisture Protection:  Protective coating (helps prevent damage to electronics from condensation)
Temperature:  -40 to +185F (-40 to +85C)
Humidity:  0-95% non-condensing
Memory:  Non-volatile flash memory
Storage Capacity:  81,759 time and date stamped data points (including battery voltage)
Sample Modes:  High Speed (10 samples per second), Fixed Interval (Programmable from 1 sec to >1 year), Logarithmic, Exception
Data Overwrite:  Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)
Clock:  Synchronizes to the time and date of user's computer
Clock Accuracy:  0.0025% or 1 minute in 1 month
Clock Format:  Month/Day/Year Hour/Minute/Second
Enclosure:  1-7/8 inch dia. x 11-1/2 inch length (4.8 cm dia. x 29.2 cm length) (fits inside a 2 inch well), stainless steel UV protected PVC vented for barometric pressure compensation
Weight:  1.6 lbs (0.7 kg) (with battery and 25 ft cable)
Communication Port: 
     WL16U: USB Type B
     Selectable Baud Rates:
Certificates:  CE compliant

Global Water Level Loggers Software
Compatiblity:  Microsoft's Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and 7
     Tabular Display/Printout; data in standard spreadsheet format (CSV)
     Programmable alarm start and stop times
     Field calibration software and help files included

Water Level Logger Vented Cable
Conductors:  4 each 22 AWG
Material:  Marine grade polyether jacket, polyethylene vent tube, full foil shield
Shield:  Aluminum Mylar
Outside Diameter:  0.306 inch (0.78 cm)
Temperature Range:  -22 to +185F (-30 to +85C)
Length:  Standard 25 ft (7.62 m) (up to 2000 ft (609.6 m) from factory) (for cable lengths over 500 ft (152.4 m) please call for availability)

Submersible Pressure Transducer
Sensor Element:  Silicone Diaphragm, Wet/Wet Transducer
Water Level Measuring Range:  0-3, 15, 30, 60, 120, 250, 500 ft
Linearity and Hysteresis:  0.1% FS
Warm-Up Time:  3 seconds recommended
Overpressure:  Not to exceed 2 x full scale range
Accuracy:  0.1% of full scale at constant temperature, 0.2% over 35F to 70F (1.37 to 21.1C) range
Compensation:  Uses dynamic temperature compensation 30 to 70F (-1.1 to 21.1C). Automatic barometric pressure compensation
Housing:  Up to 13/16" diameter x 5-1/2" long (2 cm dia. x 14 cm long)(small enough for a 1" well)
Material:  304L Stainless Steel, SS microscreen (hundreds of holes to prevent fouling), electronics are fully encapsulated in marine grade epoxy, guaranteed not to leak

Software Information
The Water Level Logger includes Global Water Datalogger Software, Windows-based software that provides many useful features, such as real-time readout, measurement interval and engineering unit selection, station ID setting, and sensor calibration.  The software makes accessing stored data and setting options easy.  Data downloaded from the Water Level Logger can easily be opened in any PC spreadsheet program for analysis and graphic presentation.  Globlal Water's Water Level Recorder Software will run on a PC-type laptop or desktop computer running Windows 98 or later.  To communicate with the Water Level Logger, a computer must be equipped with a USB communication port. includes a RS232 or USB cable (for communication between the logger and your computer).-->
Water Level Recorders Installation Overview
The Water Level Logger's pressure sensor may be placed slightly below the lowest expected water level.  Level ranges of 0-3, 0-15, 0-30, 0-60, 0-120, 0-250, and 0-500 ft are available.  When ordering, select the level sensor range that will cover the maximum water level change (this is not necessarily the total depth of water).  Selecting the smallest water level range possible will ensure the greatest accuracy.

The Water Level Logger's data logger is housed in an enclosure that is designed to slip inside a 2-inch pipe and be completely hidden with a standard or locking well cap.  For monitoring groundwater, the water level recorders can be installed in a PVC pipe with the datalogger enclosure's rim resting on the pipe's edge.  For monitoring surface water, the water level loggers can be installed in a a protective stilling constructed of PVC pipe.  For detailed Water Level Logger installation tips, click HERE.
Water Level Logger Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

WL16U  Water Level Logger (PN# series AR)
USB version for collecting data with most laptop/desktop computers.  Allows water level logger to sit inside 2-inch well with the water level recorder's enclosure rim resting on well casing top.  Standard or locking well cap will completely hide the water level logger.  When ordering, specify water level range that will cover the maximum water level change for your application (this is not necessarily the total depth of water):  0-3, 0-15, 0-30, 0-60, 0-120, 0-250, and 0-500 ft.  NOTE: There is a $50 extra charge for 0-500 ft range sensor.  Selecting the smallest water level range possible will ensure the greatest accuracy.  Includes 25 feet of cable.
WL16U-ACM  USB Water Level Logger Software Kit (PN# AR0000)
Includes software, manual, and USB interface cable.
WLEXE  Extra Water Level Logger Cable
Cable length is measured from top of water level recorder to bottom of sensor.  Up to 1000 feet of extra cable can be added at the factory.
THO Titanium Option (PN# AJ1000)
Replace the standard stainless steel water level sensor housing with titanium.
WL-INO Inside Well Option (PN# AJ0000)
Entire logger goes down inside the 2 inch well.  Provided with chain and hook to secure the well top.  Global Water recommends that no more than 100ft of cable be used with this option.
PRPP/PRPM Pressure Pipe Option (PN# AL0500/AL0000)
Sensor is housed in a 8 inch PVC (PRPP) or stainless steel pipe with 3/4 inch NPT male thread (PRPM) for logging pressure in municipal water systems.  10 ft cable standard.  Calibrated in psi with ranges of 30 psi, 60 psi, 100 psi available.
WL-T Temperature Output Option (PN# AN0000)
0-50 C, Accuracy: 1% of reading.  NOTE: This option does not decrease the storage capacity of the water level logger.
WL-SWO Sewer Flow Option (PN# AG0000)
Mouse-shaped cover protects sensor from fouling and velocity effects in sewer, stormwater and irrigation pipe flows.  The cover is attached to 4 x 24 inch stainless steel strap for mounting the level sensor on pipe bottom.
Pricing water level sensor sewer flow protection
DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Datalogger Pricing
WL430 Sewage Lift Station Wastewater Level Sensor
Includes 40 feet of cable.
WL500 Water Level Sounder Pricing
WL550 Oil Water Interface Meter Pricing
WL650 Sonic Water Level Meter Pricing
WL705 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor
Specify Water Level Range: 3, 12, or 48 ft.  Includes 6 ft cable.
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