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Hand held digital infrared thermometer for field temperature measurements.
Handheld infrared thermometers FEATURES:
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement with infrared
  • Dual laser pointer for measuring spot
  • Core temperature measurement with fold-back probe
  • Incl. punching pin for frozen food
  • C/F switchable
  • Fast, easy measuring
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Handheld Infrared Thermometers Options & Prices
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Handheld Infrared Thermometers Product Description
The TLC 730, Handheld Infrared Thermometers function as non-contact infrared and contact thermometers.  The user can always toggle between the digital infrared thermometer's two operating modes.  Additionally the portable infrared thermometer has a dual laser pointer that helps the user aim the temperature sensor at the target when they are making measurements.

Non-contact infrared temperature measurements
The ideal distance in most applications for the non-contact digital infrared thermometers is from 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm), measuring a 0.8-2.5 inch (2 to 6.3 cm) diameter circle.  As the distance (D) from the object increases, the spot size (S) of the area measured by the handheld infrared thermometer becomes larger.  You can observe this because the distance between the two red laser points projected on the measured object increases as the distance between the handheld infrared thermometer and the measured object increases.  Make sure that the target is larger than the non-contact digital infrared thermometer's spot size.  The smaller the target, the closer you should hold the handheld infrared thermometer to it.  When accuracy is critical, make sure the target is at least twice as large as the portable infrared thermometer's spot size.

Handheld infrared thermometers
Infrared thermometer emissivity
Inaccurate readings will result from using the handheld digital infrared thermometers to measure shiny or polished metal surfaces like stainless steel or aluminum.  To compensate, cover the surface to be measured with masking tape or flat black paint.  Allow time for the tape to reach the same temperature as the material underneath it.  Use the portable infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the tape or painted surface.  When measuring a grill, for example, aim the handheld infrared thermometer at a portion of the grill that has been blackened by the high temperatures.  The portable infrared thermometers cannot measure through transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic.  The handheld digital infrared thermometers will measure the surface temperature of the transparent surface instead.  Steam, dust, smoke, etc., can prevent accurate measurement by obstructing the non-contact digital infrared thermometer's optics.  Hold the non-contact infrared thermometer back and at an angle to ensure the most accurate measurements.
Infrared Thermometer Applications
The TLC 730 Handheld Infrared Thermometer is a handy temperature measuring instrument for various measure and control tasks in the trade, the industry, and the laboratory.  Applications for the non-contact digital infrared thermometer include fast, simple temperature measurements of liquids, motors, pipes, food, storage containers, received goods, supermarket areas, kitchens, and refrigerated rooms.  NOTE: When measuring liquid products, be sure to stir the product vigorously while using the portable infrared thermometer to measure the surface of the liquid.  Note: DO NOT submerge handheld infrared thermometers in water.
Handheld Infrared Thermometers Specifications
Measuring Range: -58F to +662F (-50C to +350C)
Infrared Accuracy:
     -58F to -22.2F (-50C to -30.1C): +7.2F (+4.0C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater
     -22F to -0.58F (-30C to -18.1C): +4.5F (+2.5C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater
     -0.4F to +31.8F (-18C to -0.1C): +2.7F (+1.5C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater
     32F to 148.8F (0C to 64.9C): +1.8F (+1.0C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater
     149F to +662F (65C to 350C): +3.6F (+2.0C) or 2% of reading whichever is greater
Contact Probe Accuracy: +1.4F over the range -0.4F to +248F (+0.8C over the range -18C to +120C) and 1% for the rest of the measuring range
Resolution: 0.1F (0.1C)
Operating temperature: -13F to +122F (-25C to +50C)
Storage temperature: -40F to +158F (-40C to +70C)
Measuring cycle: Infrared: 0.7 s, Contact Probe: 1 s
Emissivity: 0.1 to 1.0 adjustable
Alarm settings: Yes, optical and accoustic
Battery: 2 x AAA
Battery life: approx. 15 hrs continuous use (automatic shutoff after 15 sec)
Optics: 8:1
Laser Pointer: 2 lasers equal the measured area
IP Rating: IP 55
Sensor Size: 6.5x1.8x0.78 in (165 x 45.4 x 19.7 mm)
Weight: 3.1 oz. (97 g)
Handheld Infrared Thermometers Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
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