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Masterflex pump water sampler
Masterflex pump water sampler FEATURES:
  • Easy interface with speed control for exact sample size with no spilling
  • Quick release Masterflex pump head for reduced maintenance
  • Reversible motor to backflush sampling hose
  • Weather resistant enclosure
  • Each pump head for precision pump tubing accepts tubing sizes L/S 13, L/S 14, L/S 16, L/S 25, L/S 17, and L/S 18
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Masterflex Pump Water Samplers Options & Prices
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. Masterflex Pump Water Samplers Specifications
. Masterflex Pump Water Samplers Options & Prices

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. Masterflex Pump Water Samplers Manual

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Quick Release Water Sampler Description
The quick release water sampler is ideal for sample removal from wastewater, shallow wells and surface water, including lakes, ponds, and holding pools.  The water sampler is lightweight, rugged, easy to use, weather resistant, and requires minimal maintenance.  The peristaltic pump is designed to take a manual sample and has the ability to back flush the sample hose once you are finished taking the sample.

The water sampler operates using an external 12 volt DC power source that can supply at least 2 A continuous.  The variable speed motor is reversible and can draw water samples at a wide range of speed.

A power cord, 10 ft (3.05 m) long, is included with each quick release water sampler.  The power cord is fitted with alligator clips for easy connection to most 12-volt DC batteries, including car batteries or small 12V, 5 AH gel cells.

To provide high sample integrity, the water sample only contacts the PharMed BPT and polyethylene tubing.  The tubing is easily cleaned or replaced.  The Masterflex easy load design and adjustable tubing retention system allow for multiple tubing sizes and for changing the tubing without removing the pump head from the drive.  To avoid cross contamination or lengthy decontamination procedures simply change the inexpensive tubing between samples.
Quick Release Water Sampler Specifications
Operating Temperature: 32 to +158F (0 to +70C)
Operating Voltage:  12V DC
Current Draw:  2A max

Flow Rate:  Variable depending on tube size and head height.
Backflush Rate:  Same as Flow Rate
Pump Type:  Peristaltic, Masterflex easy-load
Maximum Lift:  22 ft(6.7 m)
Pump Tube:  L/S 17 PharMed BPT Peristaltic Pump Tubing, 1/4 inch ID
Sample Hose:  15 ft (4.6 m) nylon reinforced polyethylene tubing with intake strainer.

Enclosure: Expanded UV protected PVC
Dimensions: 14x12x6 inch (36x30.5x15 cm)
Weight:  7.5 lb (3.5 kg) (Shipping Weight 9 lb (4.1 kg))

Pump Tube:
Tubing size L/S 13 L/S 14 L/S 16 L/S 25 L/S 17 L/S 18
Inside diameter* in. (mm) 0.03 (0.8) 0.06 (1.6) 0.12 (3.1) 0.19 (4.8) 0.25 (6.4) 0.31 (7.9)
Hose barb size* in. (mm) 1/16 (1.6) 1/16 (1.6) 1/8 (3.2) 3/16 (4.8) 1/4 (6.4) 3/8 (9.5)
Quick Release Water Sampler Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

SP250 Quick Release Water Sampler (PN# CJ0500)
Includes L/S 17 PharMed BPT Peristaltic Pump Tubing, 15 ft long pick up tube and strainer, and 10 ft battery cable.  (Battery not included)
12V 5AH Rechargable Battery (PN# 00-010)
Battery Charger (120VAC to 12VDC) (PN# FE0400)
inch Pickup Hose (PN# 00-546)
Pickup Strainer (PN# CA0600)
L/S 17 PharMed BPT Peristaltic Pump Tubing (PN# 01-746)
SP100 Water Sampler (PN# CF0000) Pricing
SP200 Peristaltic Sampling Pump (PN# CJ0000) Pricing
Individual Water Quality Parameter Test Strips Pricing
4053 Arsenic Testing Kit (PN# DL5000) Pricing
WQ900 Water Pollution Testing Kit (PN# DJ0000) Pricing
WS700 Composite/Discrete Water Sampler (PN# CU0000)
Single pump composite or discrete water sampler.
WS750 Stormwater/Wastewater Sampler (PN# CT0000)
Dual pump stormwater or wastewater sampler.
WS705 Improved Composite/Discrete Water Sampler (PN# CU1000)
Includes the following parts: a rugged, rainproof, lockable carrying enclosure, two gallon polyethylene sample bottle for composite sample, one peristaltic sampling pump, a control panel enclosed logic timer/controller, one 15 ft reinforced PVC sample pickup hose with removable debris strainer, a 12 V 5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery, and BC100 Smart Charger.
WS755 Improved Stormwater/Wastewater Sampler (PN# CT1000)
Includes the following parts: a rugged, rainproof, lockable carrying enclosure, two 1 gallon polyethylene sample bottles, two peristaltic sampling pumps, a control panel enclosed logic timer/controller, two 15 ft reinforced PVC sample pickup hoses with removable debris strainers, a 12 V 5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery, and BC100 Smart Charger.
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