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Portable psychrometer for humidity, temperature, and dew point readings.
Portable Psychrometers FEATURES:
  • Simultaneous display of %RH, Temperature and Dew point or Wet Bulb or Probe Temperature
  • Unique sensor cap design twists to closed position for protection during storage
  • Switchable F/C temperature units with 0.1 resolution
  • Auto power off to save battery life
  • Optional external temperature probe
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Portable Psychrometers Options & Prices
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Portable Psychrometer Product Description
The RH300 Portable Psychrometers are compact humidity and temperature meters with built in probes that include wet bulbs and dew point measurements for quick assessment of air moisture content.  The portable psychrometers simultaneously display % relative humidity, temperature and dew point or web bulb or probe temperature.  The portable psychrometers were designed to allow wet bulb measurements without slinging.  The portable psychrometer calculates T1-T2 differential (air temperature minus external probe temperature) using the optional temperature probe and T2-dew point.

The RH300 Portable Psychrometers incorporate data hold and auto power off features.  The portable psychrometers also store minimum and maximum readings.  The Portable Psychrometer also allows the user to switch between F and C temperature units with 0.1 resolution.  The portable psychrometers incorporate a unique sensor cap design that twists to a closed for protection during storage.  The Portable Psychrometer comes with 2 AAA batteries.
Portable Psychrometer Specifications
     Range: 10 to 90%RH
     Max Resolution: 0.1%RH
     Accuracy: 3%RH
Temperature (internal):
     Range: -4 to 122F (-20 to 50C)
     Resolution: 0.1
     Accuracy: 1F or 0.6C
Temperature (external):
     Range: -4 to 158F (-20 to 70C)
     Resolution: 0.1
     Accuracy: 1F or 0.6C
Dew Point: -90.4 to 122F (-68.0 to 49.9C)
Wet Bulb: -6.9 to 122F (-21.6 to 49.9C)
Dimensions: 7x1.9x1 inch (178.5x48.4x24.7mm)
Weight: 3.3oz (95g)
Portable Psychrometer Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

RH300 Portable Psychrometer (PN# DK1300) Pricing
TP890 External Temperature Probe (PN# DK0890) Pricing
RH305 Digital Psychrometer Kit
Includes RH300 psychrometer, external temperature probe, 33% and 75% calibration bottles, 2 AAA batteries and carrying case. (PN# DK1305) 
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EBI-20-T1-Set Temperature Datalogger Kit
Includes EBI-20-T datalogger, Winlog.basic software, EBI-20 interface, and USB cable. (PN# 1601-0046) 
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WE600 4-20mA Humidity Sensor (PN# EE0000) Pricing
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RH520A Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder (PN# EEA000) Pricing
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