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Wireless security alarm systems for easy voice alarming.
cellular autodialers FEATURES:
  • Alarm notification anywhere there is cell phone service
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No cell phone contract required
  • Includes up to 400 minutes of prepaid cellular service
  • Weather resistant enclosure included
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Cellular Autodialers Options & Prices
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. Cellular Autodialers Specifications
. Cellular Autodialers Options & Prices

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. AD200-4 Autodialer Manual*

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. Remote Water Monitoring System Data Transmission
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Cellular Autodialers Product Description
Perfect for Residential, Commercial or Industrial applications, the CVD-2000PS Cellular Autodialer is designed for direct, immediate notification of emergency situations.  Because the cellular autodialer doesn't require a land line, you can install it wherever it is needed and call out using a cellular connection.  The compact and rugged Cellular Autodialer is easy to install and configure.  The Cellular Autodialers operate on AC power, but are rechargeable battery capable for remote monitoring locations where power is not available.  The cellular autodialer includes everything you need to start using the system, including the AD200-4 autodialer, cellular phone, 400 prepaid minutes good for one year, and AC adapter, so you can rest assured that if something happens, you will be notified.  Note: Prepaid service is through AT&T Wireless.  The cellular autodialer only works where AT&T provides wireless service.

The CVD-2000PS Cellular Autodialers are easy to program via the on-board keypad, LCD display, and built-in speaker.  Any NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) contact or low voltage input may be used to trigger the cellular autodialers, including float switches, door switches, water sensors, and motion detectors.  (See our list of accessories in Options & Ordering below.)

Cellular Autodialer Applications
Applications for the CVD-2000PS cellular autodialer include monitoring construction sites, lift stations, remote water pumping sites, trailers, any site without land lines, and many others.
Cellular Autodialers Specifications
Communications: Standard cellular phone w/AT&T wireless service
Power: AC adapter included (Optional rechargeable 12VDC battery)
Number of Inputs: Four
Activation Dry contact: NO or NC, momentary or continuous
Voltage: 0 to +V (NC) or +V to 0 (NO), 5-28 VDC
Phone Number Storage: Up to 8
Maximum Digits: 28 (including up to 10 pauses)
Enclosure Dimensions (LxHxD): 14x14x8in (35.5x35.5x20.3cm)
Weight: 17.0 lb (7.7 kg)
Cellular Autodialers Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

CVD-2000PS Cellular Autodialer (PN# FA0300)
Includes the AD200-4 autodialer, cellular phone, 400 prepaid minutes good for one year, and AC adapter.
CVD-2000P Cellular Autodialer (PN# FA0350)
Includes the AD200-4 autodialer, cellular phone, and AC adapter.  Requires purchase of a cellular plan and SIMM card.  Recommended for non-US clients.
12V 5AH Rechargeable Battery (PN# 00-010)
Approximate battery life under normal conditions, 12 hrs.
BC100 Smart Charger (PN# FN0000)
Maintain constant battery voltage and increase battery life.
SP102 Solar Panel (5 watts, 300mA minimum) (PN# FH0000)
Supplemental Power for remote Composite/Discrete Water Sampler sites.
Pricing Stormwater/Wastewater Water Sampler Solar Panel
AD200-DS Door switch, heavy duty magnetic (PN# 01-489) Pricing
AD200-1 Voice Alarm Autodialers (PN# FA0100)
Voice alarm autodialers include one input and four phone/pager numbers.
iRIS 150 GPRS Datalogger (FP0125)
2 channel cellular datalogger.
iRIS 350 SDI-12 Data Logger (FP0315)
4 channel cellular datalogger.
WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch (AXF000)
Suspendable float switch w/slosh shield & 20 FT PVC cable.
CL500 Online Chlorine Analyzers (DN1000) Pricing
FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor Pricing
PC320 Process Controller Pricing
WA400-DC Process Controller Level Alarm (ATC000) Pricing Process Controller Level Alarm
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