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Portable wind speed meter for high accuracy wind speed measurements.
portable wind meters FEATURES:
  • CFM/CMM Thermo- Anemometer
  • Simultaneous display of wind speed plus ambient temperature
  • Easy to set Area dimensions (cm2) are stored in the meter's internal memory for the next power on
  • 20 point average
  • 3% velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83"D (72mm) ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9ft (120cm) cable
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Portable Wind Meters Options & Prices
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. Portable Wind Meters Product Description
. Portable Wind Speed Meters Specifications
. Portable Wind Meters Options & Prices

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. Portable Wind Meters Brochure
. Portable Wind Speed Meters Manual*

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. Portable Wind Meter Datalogger Software
. Other Extech Instruments
. Product Support

Portable Wind Meters Product Description
The AN100 Portable Wind Meter is a reliable and accurate instrument for measuring both wind speed and temperature.  The portable wind meter has a 20 point average function for air flow and a Max/Min record.  The portable wind speed meter offers a data hold and automatic power off.  The super large LCD screen displays both wind speed and temperature simultaneously.  Portable wind speed meters obtain a 3% wind speed accuracy reading via a 2.83 inch diameter low friction ball bearing impeller.  The portable wind meter has accurate temperature measurements to 4 F (2 C).
Portable Wind Meters Specifications
Wind Speed:
     km/h: Range: 1.4 - 108.0km/h, Resolution: 0.1km/h, Accuracy: 3%
     mph: Rng: 0.9 - 67.0 mph, Res: 0.1 mph, Acc.: 3%
Air Flow:
     CMM (cubic meters/min): Range: 0 - 9999 m3/min, Resolution: 1 m3/min, Area: 0 to 9.999 m2
     CFM (cubic feet/min): Range: 0 - 9999 ft3/min, Resolution: 1 ft3/min, Area: 0 to 9.999 ft2
Temperature: Rng: 14F to 140F (-10C to 60C), Res: 0.1F (0.1C), Acc: 4F (2C)
Circuit description: Custom LSI microprocessor design
Display: Dual function 0.5" (13 mm) 4-digit LCD
Measurement units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph, Air Flow (CMM or CFM), and Temperature (C or F)
Data hold: Freezes reading on the display
Sensor Structure:
     Air velocity sensor: Conventional angled vane arm with low friction ball-bearing
     Temperature sensor: NTC-type precision thermistor
Memory Recall: Record/Recall Maximum, Minimum, and Average readings
Auto Power off: After 20 minutes
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
Operating Humidity: Max. 80% RH
Operating Altitude: 7000ft (2000 m) Max.
Storage Temperature: 14 to 140F (-10 to 60C)
Storage Humidity: Max. 80% RH
Power Supply: 9V battery
Power Consumption: Approx. 8.3mA DC
Weight: 1.6 lbs. (725g) including battery and probe
     Main instrument: 7.0 x 2.9 x1.2" (178 x 74 x 33mm)
     Sensor Head: 2.75" (70 mm) diameter
Certifications: CE
Portable Wind Meters Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
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